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Captain Zero and his Z stacks are the secondary tug fleet of Bigg City Port, "who are constantly looking for ways to get further ahead". Zero truly beleives that his tugs are "a team, the best, better looking, more powerful and dare I say, more devious". The fleet, lead by Zorran are forever resorting to underhanded tactics to gain one up on the Star Fleet, but nevertheless work hard and have even been known on rare occasions, to co-operate to acheive a common goal.


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Captain Zero is well-known throughout Bigg City Port for being rather underhand in his business dealings, and has encouraged his Tug fleet to work by any means necessary to ensure they stay ahead of the Star Fleet and any other competitors within the Harbour by getting a foothold of influence when in sight.


Occasionally, this comes back to bite him when his Tugs are found out and they lose otherwise lucrative contracts, such as when Zorran carelessly allowed himself to be seen sabotaging the Stars' attempt at docking the liner "The Duchess" and this subsequently ruined any chance of Zero poaching the contract from Star.

Captain Zero sees his tactics as purely business and nothing personal, it is truly a mafia mentality. He sees being Devious as something that is "nessesary in these days of corruption and bad business ethics." He has shown a mature ability to work with a rival when he and Captain Star had a rare meeting and agreed to work together and catch a barge thief, something they found much easier than their respective tug fleets. 

Zero is a natural leader, making do with a smaller fleet than Captain Star and yet managing to remain competetive. His Tugs have a fierce loyalty to him, and he has moulded a truly effective leader in Zorran, who manages the fleet at "water level" for him.

Zero does suffer from his Tugs making mistakes, mainly through what they percieve as "Devious" methods. It has been suggested that perhaps this is what holds him back the most since his Tugs are so loyal to him and hard working. 


Nevertheless, Zero manages to keep up to a degree which, if nothing else must make him someone to be respected, even if it's so difficult to actually like him!

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